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Web Design Price in Dubai

On the surface, this could seem like a significant expenditure, but if you look around and find the proper tools and a deal that makes sense, it’s actually not. The typical website design price in Dubai may vary depending on your website’s type (e-commerce, conversion-focused commercial site, educational purpose-based website, etc.), complexity, functionality, and features you require, among other things.

Before you engage someone to simply take over the endeavor, always request a detailed plan of action, an anticipated price, deadlines, milestone timeframes, a method of communication, contract conditions, a portfolio of prior work, etc. We recognize that you could be working under tight deadlines.

An approximate idea of web Design prices in Dubai
It depends on the scope and nature of the website in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A apparently simple website with instructional content and no additional complicated features might run you up to 3,000 AED for design and development. With an increase in the complexity of your services, costs will also rise.




Small Basic Website  




Good for startup Companies 




Perfect for your Business 




Amazing Features in this package 

Basic eCommerce

AED 2999


Best For startups Companies 

eCommerce Advance

AED 3999


Best for Growing Companies 

The following are some factors that will affect the price of website design in Dubai.

Points to consider for Website Design Price in Dubai

Knowledge Profile

To construct your needs in accordance with your vision, a company’s total experience and skills are required. Perform a background check and look at the company’s portfolio to determine whether they have experience working with needs of your scale and business specialty.

Verifying these ahead of time will offer you a greater advantage in selecting someone who is suited for you and with whom you can get along without much back and forth.


Instead than relying on any sales tactics that provide combo packages with add-on services like digital marketing, get a personalized quote for your website. This is a long-term endeavor, during which you could even discover another business that is far more profitable for you. Get a quote only for your website design to make your experience easy. Once you and your partner firm have established a comfortable working relationship, you may always scale up your business together along the road.

Focus on the rewards the firm can provide you with rather than the investment you would need to make.

Reaction Times

Here’s where the majority of businesses suffer. Instead of focusing on selecting someone who gives a reasonably low quotation for the cost of your website in Dubai, look for and engage experts who are supported by what seems to be a sizable team so that the work required may happen a lot faster.

Establish realistic dates and timescales that may be agreed upon by all parties. Avoid pressuring the business to meet arbitrary deadlines because doing so might significantly lower the quality of the work

Last but not least, upkeep and Additional Lifetime Support 24/7

Websites continuously offer services. As long as the website is up and running, you’ll need to consistently create content, update the functionality, manage the security issue, make sure the back-end functions properly, etc. If at all feasible, you must have complete assistance from your service provider for that.

Keep in mind that Dubai has a very competitive market as it is the hub for the Middle East. You must have a top-notch website if you want to thrive here. The more you put into this section, the more you’ll gain in the long run.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I pick Nukem Information Technology over other Dubai web design firms?

We are a competent, technologically advanced, and experienced web design firm. Our expertise is backed by a 13-year track record, a sizable web design team of 18+, and the creation of more than 2000 websites over the past 1 decade.

We have created a large number of multilingual websites, e-commerce sites, websites for international brands and government organizations, as well as B2B and B2C businesses in a variety of sectors, including FMCG, healthcare, education, tourism, retail, real estate, technology, and the top UAE-based business holding companies.

You chose us because we are a full-service digital marketing firm with experience in transforming brands into strong online presences, in addition to being a traditional web design company that builds high-performing websites.

Are there any extra fees included in the price of your web design?

No We are transparent in our pricing strategy 

Can a well-made website aid in the expansion of my company?

Undoubtedly, a smart design may encourage business expansion. Your website acts as a “self-service” internet store where clients may browse and make purchases without help from a salesperson. As a result, you must make your website simpler to use for a seamless consumer experience. Customers will visit your website more frequently and spend more money there if it is more user-friendly.

Why should we employ a web design company when we can find freelancers that would work for less money?

When you work with a web design company, you have very little to worry about. On one side, a friendly client support staff will attend to your demands, while on the other, skilled experts will work on your project.

From the initial meeting through project delivery and beyond, you can count on a certain degree of professionalism in all areas. More significantly, your website will be optimized for Google’s crawling and indexing as well as those of other search engines. A lot of resources will be required by an agency to finish a project. So, even if one or two employees take time off, you’ll still be able to finish your task on schedule.

Are your prices competitive with those of competing web design firms?

Yes our prices is very competitive with others. 

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